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The ArtMade Studio

Founded in 2002, ArtMade Architects is a boutique architecture studio in Surry Hills, Sydney. Our team of highly experienced architects and projects managers are passionate about creating captivating designs and exceptional results for our clients.

Over 17 years, we have built our brand around the philosophy that good design comes from expertise and inspiration and that creativity leads to innovative and sustainable solutions.

We’re a brand that believes true craftsmanship is built on the foundation of integrity and within each wall, is a layer of trust and passion. We stand behind the quality of our work because to us, each client is an extension of our tightly woven family.


Our design philosophy

At ArtMade, we believe that excellent design is a direct result of thorough initial planning, strategy and creative. The first stage of a project is crucial when it comes to taking your vision from concept to reality.

We take the time to understand of your brief and budget, interpret statutory and planning controls and liaise with specialist consultants. These are fundamental steps in ensuring your project runs smoothly from concept through to completion.

Our design philosophy is centred around creating functional and dynamic spaces that integrate sustainable design and modern materials to produce exceptional end results. When you work with us, you can expect a combination of innovative thinking and precise execution resulting in captivating design solutions.



Behind every sketch, home and building is an expert team who will turn your vision to reality. Meet the team we are proud to call the tight knit ArtMade family.

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Sherif Saad - Director - ArtMade Architects

Sherif Saad


NSW Registered Architect no. 7867
A+ Member of the Australian Institute of Architects 45170
Member of the Association of Consulting Architects 2265
B. Architecture
M. Architecture

Born and bred in Egypt, Sherif knew at the early age of 12 that he wanted to be an Architect. He studied Architecture in Cairo, graduating in 1991. In the early years of his career, he worked as an architect in both government and private sectors. Looking to expand his opportunities and experience, he left Cairo and relocated to Sydney in 1999. 

Following a short stint freelancing, Sherif saw the need for a boutique studio whose values were built on trust, integrity and a strong passion for design and architecture. He founded ArtMade Architects in 2002 and the studio and team quickly became recognised for the quality of their work, their highly regarded reputation and their expertise in the industry.

Sherif has experience in a diverse gamut of architecture and his main area of expertise lies within small to medium scale commercial developments, with particular skill in childcare centres. He has specialised expertise acting as an expert witness in the Land & Environment Court of NSW and has represented clients in over 20 court cases, proudly earning a 100% success rate to date.

He believes that form should follow function in architecture, that the shape of a building should relate to its intended function and purpose. He is intrigued by the Vitruvian Man, the divine connection between the human form and the universe. 

Sherif is currently working on expanding his Aussie slang vocabulary and can navigate the back streets of Surry Hills like a Cairo local.


Bronwyn Shelsher

Studio Manager

Diploma Architectural Drafting

Bronwyn’s career spans over 30 years, predominately working in the Architecture Design Industry. She has worked from the bottom up and understand each layer of the architecture industry – earning her first stripes as a junior working on site at the Greenwood Plaza development in North Sydney. Bronwyn went on to contract her services in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, specialising in the residential architecture sector.

Following a short break to start a family, Bronwyn returned back to the workforce and reinvented herself in the retail sector, opening a new concept deli and café in Surry Hills.

It wasn’t long before she was back in the world of architecture, bringing her extensive experience to a managerial and leadership role at ArtMade. Bronwyn has been managing the ArtMade studio since 2017 and looks after business development, marketing, HR, finance, and supports Sherif and the team in the day-to-day running of the studio.

Bronwyn is a lover of mid-century modern architecture and frequently gloats about her 8-minute walk to the office. She is grateful to live in Surry Hills, an area that fuels her passion for wine and fine dining.

Brenton Romeo - Architect

Brenton Romeo


NSW Registered Architect
M. Architecture
B. Architecture

Brenton completed his Masters in Architecture at Sydney University in 2014. His academic studies included an exchange semester studying contemporary architecture at Lund University in Sweden where he gained exposure to European-style design-based workshops.

Prior to joining ArtMade in 2017, Brenton worked in strata management. His expertise in that role transferred across to his position as architect at ArtMade, particularly in the area of project management and contract administration.

Brenton has broad-ranging design experience across a variety of projects, with particular expertise in the design of childcare centres. He has worked across all project phases, from project inception, design and feasibility right through to construction. He is skilled in Revit and enjoys designing innovative solutions that use space in clever ways.

In his spare time Brenton dabbles in woodwork. He likes to investigate how things are assembled; reflecting his excellent problem-solving skills and thoughtful design solutions. He is a self-confessed chocaholic and your go-to man for an afternoon pick-me-up. Brenton’s secret skill is baking cookies and blondies.

Mina Saad - Senior Project Leader - Artmade Architets

Mina Saad

Senior Project Leader

B. Design in Architecture

Mina obtained his Bachelor of Design in Architecture at Egypt’s El-Minia University in 2006 and has 13 years’ experience working in architecture overseas and in Australia.

His first role was Graduate Architect under the supervision of one of the Middle East’s iconic

Architects, Rami El Dahan. It was here that Mina gained invaluable experience designing and building projects in local vernacular architecture and vault and dome construction techniques. El Dahan is renowned for sustainability and their use of locally available construction materials, which provided valuable knowledge that Mina still uses in his designs today. 

Mina then moved on to work for VINCI Constructions, a leading French building and civil engineering group and was also involved in the design and construction of the Cairo Subway Project. 

In 2013, Mina relocated to Australia to join his brother Sherif’s architecture studio. He now works across all project phases, from concept design through to construction administration. Mina is skilled in Revit and is the most fastidious member of the team; focused, diligent and obsessed with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Mina is passionate about design; the process where lines on paper translate into built form.

ArtMade Architects for Mina is not just a firm that he works for but it’s a place he is proud to be part of. He is the proud father of two young children and enjoys swimming and snorkelling. Although he still has Egyptian roots, Mina is a vegemite convert and is continuing to master his use of Aussie slang.

Stephanie Hong - Graduate  Architect - Artmade Architects

Stephanie Hong

Graduate Architect

M. Architecture
B. Architecture

Steph studied at UTS and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree before continuing on to complete her Master’s in 2016. Prior to joining ArtMade Steph was working on large scale commercial developments in Papua New Guinea. Steph gained invaluable experience and insight into the challenges facing architects working on projects in third world countries.

Steph loves to expand her knowledge, always observing and fascinated by how things are done. 

Steph is our resident expert in rendering presentations, video walkthroughs and still renderings. Her style is less is more, understanding that achieving minimalism is the art of making something appear effortless without compromising on functionality.

Karim Saad - Junior Office Assistant - ArtMade Architects

Karim Saad

Junior Office Assistant

Karim graduated from high school in 2017 with an amazing 99.8% ATAR and is currently studying Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at UNSW Sydney. 

He was eager to take on a role at ArtMade so he could learn and grow in a professional environment. Karim supports the Studio Manager with the day to day running of the practice.

Karim’s bright and outgoing personality brings a ray of sunshine to the office. Karim holds a black belt in Taekwondo and is currently competing in power lifting. Karim is fondly known as ‘Mr Saad Junior’ and is responsible for choosing the Mentos flavours among other office duties. Bron and Karim are continuing to master the perfect ‘hi five’ hand slap.

Kelly Zhang - Graduate Architect - ArtMade Architects

Kelly Zhang

Graduate Architect

B. Design in Architecture

Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture and was one of the earliest team members of the ArtMade family.

Her experience spans over residential and commercial architecture with specialised expertise in early childhood centre design. Kelly’s strength and skill lie within both exterior and interior design, artfully translating client briefs into innovative design solutions and not only maximise the use of space but transform it into something truly special.

Kelly is the team’s quiet achiever and a lover of fine tea. She is currently on maternity leave and hopes to return to the studio in early 2020.